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Beau Joie

Rachel’s North is the only men’s club in the region that has the opportunity to cater to our guests with the unique, zero-dosage champagne with no added sugars. It’s uninhibited flavors rise through to the palate, boasting the most perfect balance of dryness and sweetness, which results in a crisp taste from start to finish.

At Rachel's we offer a vast collection of vintage champagnes & wines for your tasting pleasure. Whether you are an experienced connoisseur or just interested in experiencing what the good life has to offer, we are your place. 

A perfect blended cocktail is one of the most important elements to a flawless evening at Rachel's Mens Club. You will find all the usual suspects on our comprehensive of fine libations including: Louis XIII, Johnny Walker Blue, McAllen 18, Crown Cask 16, Crown XR, Patron Platinum & Don Julio 1942 just to name a few. Let the worlds sexiest mixologists blend you a one of a kind cocktail tonight.

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